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What is a Partial Claim Mortgage? Explained

Kevin O’Leary April 17, 2024 0

What is a Partial Claim Mortgage?

A partial claim mortgage is a unique form of mortgage assistance designed to help homeowners who are struggling to make their monthly payments. This program, offered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), provides an interest-free mortgage loan to bring the borrower’s account current and prevent foreclosure.

In essence, a partial claim mortgage is a mortgage assistance program that can provide much-needed relief to homeowners facing financial hardship. By understanding how this program works and its eligibility requirements, borrowers can determine if a partial claim mortgage is the right solution for their situation.

Definition of a Partial Claim Mortgage

A partial claim mortgage is a type of mortgage assistance where the lender advances funds to help the borrower become current on their mortgage. The lender, typically the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), provides an interest-free loan to cover the delinquent payments and any associated fees.

This loan is then added to the borrower’s existing mortgage balance, essentially deferring the amount owed to a later date. The partial claim mortgage does not replace the original mortgage; instead, it becomes a subordinate lien on the property.

How a Partial Claim Mortgage Works

When a borrower has a delinquent mortgage and is at risk of foreclosure, they may be eligible for a partial claim mortgage. The lender will advance funds to bring the mortgage current, adding the delinquent payments and any associated fees to the borrower’s unpaid principal balance.

The partial claim mortgage places an additional lien on the property, which must be repaid when the borrower sells the home, refinances the mortgage, or pays off the original mortgage. While the partial claim mortgage does not directly affect the borrower’s monthly payment, it does require the completion of a trial period plan to demonstrate the ability to make payments.

Partial Claim Mortgage Overview
– Interest-free loan from HUD
– Brings mortgage current
– Delinquent payments added to principal balance
– Subordinate lien on property
– Repaid when home is sold, refinanced, or original mortgage paid off

Benefits of a Partial Claim Mortgage

A partial claim mortgage offers several key benefits to homeowners facing financial difficulties. By providing mortgage reinstatement assistance, this program can help borrowers avoid foreclosure and maintain their homeownership.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many homeowners have experienced job losses, reduced income, and increased expenses. As a result, the need for COVID-19 mortgage assistance has grown significantly. A partial claim mortgage can provide the support these homeowners need to get back on track.

Avoiding Foreclosure

One of the primary benefits of a partial claim mortgage is its ability to help homeowners avoid foreclosure. By bringing the mortgage current and providing an affordable repayment plan, this mortgage loss mitigation tool can give borrowers the opportunity to retain their homes and rebuild their financial stability.

When faced with a delinquent mortgage, many homeowners feel overwhelmed and unsure of their options. A partial claim mortgage offers a proactive solution, allowing borrowers to take control of their situation and work towards a more stable financial future.

Temporary Payment Reduction

In some cases, a partial claim mortgage can also provide temporary reduced monthly payments. By using the partial claim funds to cover a portion of the monthly mortgage payment, borrowers can reduce their immediate financial burden without affecting their existing interest rate.

This temporary payment reduction can give homeowners the breathing room they need to get back on their feet and eventually resume their regular mortgage payments. It is important to note, however, that the partial claim funds will ultimately need to be repaid, either when the home is sold, the mortgage is refinanced, or the original mortgage is paid off.

Eligibility for a Partial Claim Mortgage

While a partial claim mortgage can provide significant relief to struggling homeowners, not everyone will qualify for this mortgage assistance program. To be eligible for a partial claim mortgage, borrowers must meet specific criteria related to their mortgage type and financial situation.

FHA-Insured Mortgages

Partial claim mortgages are typically only available to borrowers with FHA-insured mortgages. These mortgages are backed by the Federal Housing Administration and are designed to help low- to moderate-income borrowers achieve homeownership.

If you have an FHA mortgage and are experiencing financial difficulties that have led to delinquent payments, you may be eligible for a HUD partial claim. Contact your mortgage servicer to discuss your options and determine if a partial claim mortgage is right for you.

Financial Hardship Requirements

In addition to having an FHA-insured mortgage, borrowers must also demonstrate a legitimate financial hardship to qualify for a partial claim mortgage. This hardship could be the result of a job loss, reduced income, increased expenses, or other factors beyond the borrower’s control.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, many homeowners have experienced COVID-19 financial hardship due to income loss and increased expenses. If you have been directly affected by the pandemic and are struggling to make your mortgage payments, a partial claim mortgage may provide the assistance you need.

How to Apply for a Partial Claim Mortgage

If you believe you may be eligible for a partial claim mortgage, the first step is to reach out to your mortgage servicer. Your servicer will be able to provide you with information about the mortgage assistance application process and guide you through the necessary steps.

Contact Your Mortgage Servicer

To begin the process of applying for a partial claim mortgage, contact your mortgage servicer directly. Explain your financial situation and your desire to request mortgage assistance. Your servicer will then provide you with the appropriate partial claim application and outline the required documentation.

It is essential to be proactive in reaching out to your servicer as soon as you anticipate difficulty making your mortgage payments. The sooner you request assistance, the more options you may have available to you.

Provide Required Documentation

When applying for a partial claim mortgage, you will need to provide your mortgage servicer with financial hardship documentation. This may include proof of job loss, income reduction, or increased expenses.

You will also need to provide income verification, such as pay stubs, tax returns, or other documents that demonstrate your current financial situation. Additionally, your servicer may request expense information to assess your overall budget and determine the feasibility of a partial claim mortgage.

Required Documentation for Partial Claim Mortgage
– Financial hardship documentation
– Income verification (pay stubs, tax returns, etc.)
– Expense information
– Completed partial claim application

By gathering and submitting the required documentation promptly, you can expedite the partial claim mortgage application process and increase your chances of receiving the assistance you need.

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